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I am excited to announce that I will be teaching!

While classes will address technique, my primary intent is to guide students into a deeper relationship with their unique creative selves.



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I am excited to announce that, for the first time in my 21 years as a professional artist, I am now teaching deep-dive group art classes! 


(I’ve taught private lessons - and group classes - but never group classes, utterly by my own design.)


And what’s most exciting to me is that- while classes will certainly address technique - my primary intent is to guide students into a deeper relationship with their unique creative spirit. 


I’ll be sharing with you my entire process - from initial visioning and meditations, through early sketches and decision-making, finding flow states (ahhh, yeah), working with resistance, fear, doubt, and self-criticism (every one of which still arises in me;), letting go of preconceptions to allow for what more deeply wants to happen, and so much more... all the way to the koan, “how do I know when my art piece is complete?” 


And as we dive deeper into these 8 weeks together, I’ll be learning more about each of you, perceiving aspects of yourself that make you uniquely you - your limits, your gifts, your greatest leverage points - and I’ll be sharing it all with you, holding nothing back. (This excites me tremendously, and is what makes this offering so much more than a “techniques class”.)


(Strange and true: before my art career, I was a highly successful, corner-office-overlooking-a-pristine-lake professional psychic, with a growing and enthusiastic clientele... until I cracked under a load of pressure, doubt, fear, and an incapacity to be intimate with the emotions of so many people.)


And yes, we will also explore technique - deepening your understanding of pastels, how to find a more instinctual approach to color (that matches your own aesthetic), creating potent compositions that align with your vision and intent, honing your rendering skills, feeling into the energy of what you’re drawing/painting, and so much more. 


Class size is limited to just 8 students, allowing me to give each of you big doses of attention - and creating an intimate space where we all learn from one another’s unique process. 


This first class is designed for adults (18+). 


*Forthcoming: a teen class, exclusively for those committed to deepening their skills as an artist, and to uncovering their ever-emergent creative selves. 


Summary of deliverables:


Basic chalk/pastel (dry pastels, not oil pastels!) technique.