Bryce Widom | 2009-2010 : Views of God

The BeginningI Drop into the MysterySourcebound: Dark VoidSourcebound: Light VoidI Followed the FearI Am Larger Than I Had Ever Dared to AssumeIn Pausing, In Meeting Myself, There Is a Goodness So Large, All Is TouchedI Am Large, I Contain MultitudesThe Alluring Asylum of My MindStrolling Through the Center of My HeartYou Enter Through the Belly of My BellyOn a Hazy Battlefield, I Fire Upon My BelovedI Get the Whole "Shell Thing"Softly Stepping Into My ShadowFind the Freedom that Never DiesSeeing Through to the HeartCannot Find You TodayIlluminator of DarknessGive MyselfEvolutionary Rocketship